Seeing Stripes

Disclaimer: Please no zebra jokes. I have been sufficiently barraged already. 

I am so happy to finally be able to pull her out for the summer again. By her I *of course* mean my Mulberry Bryn Satchel my proud Asian parents gifted me when I got into my university of choice #bribery. She is obnoxiously bright and resultantly fits perfectly with my wardrobe of neutrals.


This outfit practically screams 'I'm just so free-spirited; my beaded necklaces and fringed boots prove it'. 

Someone once told me that it was interesting that I had many different 'looks' (I'm not sure if that was admiration of versatility or a jibe at my lack of a distinct style).  This is one of those looks that I rarely wear.  Anything with a bohemian air I have qualms with. Is it false advertising when the last thing someone would describe me as is a hippy? Descriptions of me tend to be more along the lines of 'high-strung' (which is probably fair). But I was in Korea, it was 38 degrees and this dress is particularly cool (as in, not hot) so my reservations had to be begrudgingly set aside. 

I must briefly explain my absence as I have received emails from a few of you with various accusations  flying about. lcarter672 has interpreted my hiatus as me thinking I am 'too cool for blogging' and is getting particularly worked up about it (the irony being that, by being my first proper hater, lcarter672 is making me feel very cool indeed).  No, I'm definitely not too cool for blogging, it's just that I have been quite ill for a while. Anyway, I'm much better now and can offer the tentative assurance that my normal blogging schedule will resume. Thanks to (almost) everyone for being so patient! 


I bought this skirt purely out of love for my dad and fondness of his addiction to watermelons.  Growing up in Turkey, he grew them in the summer and now, the world stands still if our fridge isn't constantly stocked of chilled watermelon. It also helps that a 50s midi skirt is my favourite thing to wear in the summer. It's a refreshing change to the maxi  skirt which everyone and their mother wears in summer and I personally love the feminine definition to the waist. Bear in mind however that it's never that well received by men who don't really understand the shape which swamps the arse and covers the legs. Bless them, it's a lot to take in. 


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