Eighteen Four

The combination of a button-up shirt, jeans and boots has always provided me with a failsafe method of appearing presentable when faced with sixty seconds available to dress oneself. If like myself you enjoy wearing loud and attention seeking garments such as this leopard and flower adorned shirt, then at least you spare yourself the trouble of accessorising. If simplicity is your desired route then replace it with a simple colour block shirt, adding a necklace under the collar for the sake of some dimension/ interest. 

Nights in Berlin

So it turns out the weather in Berlin in bipolar. Daytime = beautiful sunshine +warm breeze, Nighttime= freeze your tits off (apologies- minor lapse in articulatory skills). So, whilst I may look relatively content in these pictures, I was actually halfway through subjecting Persis to my hour long session of moanin' and bitchin' about how cold I was. Note how I'm clutching to my only solace- my map which I shower with much love and attention (I wish I were joking). 

Anyway moral of the blogpost, when travelling, always pack a beanie and thin pieces that are cool enough for the daytime but can be layered for warmth in the evening. 


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Behind the Blog

Behind the Blog
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