So I bought myself a birthday present. No, that sounds sad. I 'invested' in a new DSLR camera, obviously for the, ahem, benefit of the blog and my readers. Anyways, it does this really snazzy thing where it takes really amazing quality photos. I swear I'm not a narcissist when I spend several minutes starting at various photos of myself marvelling at the difference a good camera makes. 

I will inevitably receive questions so, for those interested, it's a Sony Alpha 5000. This further increases my notoriety as the traitor who first snubbed the Samsung Galaxy II for the iPhone and have now parred Samsung for a second time for their arch enemies. Forget academics and musical prowess, these are the true pressure of being Asian. How terribly tragic. 

Hawaii #2

The second full day spent in Hawaii was my 19th birthday. Surprisingly, I did not wake up on my birthday overcome with childlike glee as I did for the preceding 18 years. Instead, I was up at around 2 in the morning (still running on British time) and spent the opening hours of my birthday thinking about the past year and all that has happened. 

A fly on the wall must have thought I was an emotional wreck due to my outburst of laughter and tears in response to the overwhelming amount of just wonderful birthday messages from my closest friends. I freaked Hannah out when I openly cried watching the birthday video she and her boyfriend sent me. Now that it seems I am over my 'dance around me and make me feel like a princess all day' approach to birthdays and all I care about is spending the day with the people I care for and love rather than attention and presents,  perhaps I have now reached some semblance of maturity. 

Ha, how I like to lie to myself. I still want presents. And I remain reigning birthday queen. 


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