Hang Up

What you can't tell from these pictures is that my hair is greasy. Hence the hat. Don't get me wrong, I love a good hat, but I rarely don one. The wind and crowded Tube in London result in the 'clutch hat to head' Olympics, the stress of which I just can't deal with. But I want to get the most of my stressful accessories and attention seeking makeup before I go back to uni where laziness and endless rain will entirely deplete my will to wear anything besides jeans and my leavers' hoodie.

Also, on a side note, in order to save page loading times, I reduce the number of pictures that appear on the homepage. If you want to read the full blogpost, make sure to click 'read more' at the bottom of the post. 


As I walked out of my staircase this morning, my friends rolled up their window to congratulate me on finally getting to the gym. Let me make something clear: I have not voluntarily undertaken physical exercise in years. I couldn't imagine anything worse than enforced perspiration and my heart bursting out of my chest. So, if I'm wearing trainers, it's because I'm admittedly lazy as fuck. 

More interesting that my complete lack of fitness, Persis is getting another tattoo hence the day trip from uni to Kentish town for a consultation. We spent half an hour shooting each other perplexed glances as the ethnically-dubious Mr Dracoul peered at her body with a series of grunts. We're still quite unsure what the finished product will be but Persis has been urged to 'trust the artist'. Ahead of us is 8 hours of excruciating pain for Persis and 8 hours of interchanging sadistic enjoyment, snacking and consoling on my part. Very excited to see the final tatt! 

Throwback #3

This is what happens when the weather at uni is too horrible to take outfit pictures: recycling of summer holiday pics under the guise of a Throwback series. These were the last few days I spent with my parents before I came to uni and I've never really liked the idea of straying too far from home anyway. It's probably got something to do with being an only child but it's always around this time in the term when I start to get quite homesick. So, I thought I should address the few questions I've received from readers just starting uni on how I best deal with missing people. 

The obvious response is to say to keep in touch and contact your family regularly but I think a lot of people find it doesn't really help.  Skype is very convenient but often worsens it- being able to speak to and see the person you miss whilst being totally reminded of the distance between you two, that they're not there in the room with you.  Not to mention, it's all very technological and adds an unpleasant artificiality to the conversation. Personally I enjoy writing, I always have. My loved ones all have collections of notes and letters I've left for them over the years. Obviously, this is just what I find the most comforting, getting an unexpected note in my pigeon hole. It's far more thoughtful and intimate and stamps simply aren't that expensive. 


Contract law is a bore. Especially when it's beautiful weather outside and I'm cooped up in the indoors. So when I saw Persis strut out of the library (she definitely struts) on one of her many cigarette breaks, I naturally didn't miss an opportunity to join in on the procrastination. That was four months ago and it's only fitting that I upload this post as further procrastination from revising for my impending exams next week. 


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