Contract law is a bore. Especially when it's beautiful weather outside and I'm cooped up in the indoors. So when I saw Persis strut out of the library (she definitely struts) on one of her many cigarette breaks, I naturally didn't miss an opportunity to join in on the procrastination. That was four months ago and it's only fitting that I upload this post as further procrastination from revising for my impending exams next week. 

No Thanks

I unintentionally but coincidentally wore these tartan trousers on the day of the Scottish independence referendum. Everyone loves an outfit with a topical flair. 

I rarely use acronyms in blogposts but now, rereading my opening sentences, I feel it's necessary: LOL.  God, I'm getting hopeless. Please do just ignore my ramblings and enjoy the post! 


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Behind the Blog
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